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Making a documentary film about pregnancy after loss, which I lovingly call Expecting Sunshine, is a labour of love and a creative process of joy. I am honoured by all the amazing people that have participated in the filming. Hearing their stories is encouraging and uplifting as we who have lost can realize that we are not alone. Others have been there. They have survived, one way or another – and we can too.

I am incredibly grateful for all the generous people who have made this stage of the filming such a huge success.



Here are some early film reviews for Expecting Sunshine: The Truth about Pregnancy After Loss


“The first film of its kind that tackles the honest emotions of grief, fear and hope the mom expecting again after a loss experiences during her next pregnancy. We need more films like this that raise awareness about the struggles of pregnancy and parenting after loss.”


“I’m watching your trailers and bawling my head off, I’m so overcome with emotion. I appreciate your candidness and the words you say resonate so much. Even though our babies aren’t with us, we still have that strong love. When you talked about feeling intense blues after Luca, I could get that. Even though I’m soon to have our rainbow baby, I’ve been shedding a lot more tears about losing our Eli and talking about him a lot more. It’s so true that they are a part of us and that part of us will never die. I’m really looking forward to your documentary and want to thank you for your honesty. I know it will make a lot of mamas feel permission to grieve and to talk about their loss.”

  • Leanne Brooks, bereaved mom


“So powerfully capturing my emotions so far on this rainbow journey. There is nothing else like this….great to see more opportunity to share our stories with the world!”

  • Amanda Mayberry


“Beautiful and moving and important.”

  • Gene Luetkemeyer, MFA, author of Penitentiary Tales, a novel


“Documentaries often have this need, this urge to tell something to the viewer, whether it was a critique of some situation in a faraway land, during a distant period in time or merely an explanation of economical phenomenons that had a global footprint, recently.  On the other hand, some documentaries are stories that captivate audiences.  Expecting Sunshine, a documentary made by Alexis Marie Chute, is exactly that.  Based upon the idea of giving birth to a child after having lost a child.  On first glance, this documentary might seem like one of the abundant movies that emerge from the Hollywood abyss but it is not.  This movie is a work of art (and this is not a cliché, given the fact that Chute is an artist) that shows the fragility of life, the delicate aspects of a mother’s love and that reiterates the idea of “gone but never forgotten”.  Despite having to talk about a topic that seems dark and despairing, the documentarist and protagonist uses a palette of positivity, warmth, when talking about her “still born” son.”

  • Alex Micati, Blogger


“….touching and moving…well captured!”

  • ChanPeew Wan


Expecting Sunshine touched my heart. I never met the child my Husband and I lost 15 years ago. My husband and I never gave that child a name. I feel as though we never properly grieved the loss of our first child. Though in some ways I feel as though I never stopped grieving the child who I never had the chance to meet. Expecting Sunshine taught me that losing a child at any point during pregnancy, birth or even years later that I am a mother to ALL my children. I care and dedicate my life and soul to nurturing, loving and protecting my children, earth bound holding my hand or smiling upwards and never forgetting the child I remember as my angel. Thank you Alexis Marie Chute for bringing Expecting Sunshine to life. Your film has brought me peace, comfort, permission to grieve, but most importantly knowledge in knowing how to celebrate the life of my child that I never met. Thank-you!”

  • Erika Breen, Artist and Educator



“It is 2016. It should no longer be taboo to talk about how babies can die and how subsequent rainbow babies can never replace the other baby. Artist, writer, and photographer Alexis Marie Chute tackles this taboo head on in the documentary Expecting Sunshine. Join her on her eye-opening and creative journey of recovery.”

  • Man-Sum Yau, Writer and veterinarian


“Everything Alexis Marie does is straight from the heart, introspective and challenging. Traveling with her through loss, grief, growth and renewed perspective on life promises to be an insightful journey. Expect sunshine and to walk away changed.”


  • Donloree Hoffman, Executive Coach and author of If I Die, Please Bring Cheesecake to My Funeral



Thank you for reading and for subscribing to this blog feed. This is an exciting project and my crew and I are thrilled you are coming along for the ride. I believe we are stronger together. More updates coming soon, for example, from our amazing evening filming the musicians performing their pieces for the film. Stay tuned. And – Thank you!


Sincerest thanks and gratitude from Alexis Marie Chute and the entire crew of Expecting Sunshine.

Sincerest thanks and gratitude from Alexis Marie Chute and the entire crew of Expecting Sunshine.


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