Expecting Sunshine Edmonton Book Launch Party TODAY!

Hey everyone! I just got off the radio with Peter Watts on the Alberta Morning News, 630 CHED radio show.

Here is a portion of the radio interview from JUST NOW:

My energy is buzzing from the interview! Thanks for listening!


Tuesday was a special day because Expecting Sunshine memoir was released, but TODAY – Saturday, April 22 – is the day we party! I am so excited to celebrate my book with my city. The topic of loss – miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, early infant loss… – it is so timely and affects so many. It is a healing and inspiring thing to gather and talk about these experiences that are defining for a multitude of families around the world.

If you can join me in Edmonton today, here are the details of the book launch party:

 Audreys Books, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton

2:00 – 4:00 pm, Author talk and book reading at 2:00 pm

Books available for purchase and signed by the Author

One-0f-a-kind painting bookmarks given out with every copy of Expecting Sunshine

One-of-a-Kind Painting Bookmarks – UPDATE

I’ve posted in past blog entries here on Expecting Sunshine about the painting I made for a special gift for people that come out to my book launch parties and buy a book.

Here are some details about the bookmarks:

  • The original painting I made for the bookmarks SOLD! So I made another : )
  • The total dimensions of the painting are 84 x 72 inches OR 7 x 6 feet
  • The bookmarks are 3 x 6 inches and are numbered and signed on the back
  • There are 336 bookmarks in total, hopefully enough for the book tour over the next six months
  • Everyone who comes out to a book launch at a bookstore and buys a book (or shows proof of purchase) will get one of these mini-paintings
  • The idea is that we are all connected, all pieces of one greater whole, and when one of us struggles, we can all carry the load and support each other.

Check out these photos of the painting and the cutting process:

This is the finished painting, minus the text obviously. It was inspired by the book cover of Expecting Sunshine. The idea for this project came from some of my amazing friends.

This is the grid of the painting. When you receive your bookmark at the event, look at the back. In the top left corner, you will see a number. That number corresponds to the numbers on this grid. It will let you know which piece of the painting belongs to you.

Author and Artist, Alexis Marie Chute, after the numbering is done. Then off to cut the bookmarks!

Each piece of the painting is unique.

Each bookmark is signed and numbered.

The bookmarks have been cut!

Here is the original painting video:

Now it’s PARTY TIME!

Please share the invite! See you soon!