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Expecting Sunshine Documentary Fundraising THANK YOU’s!

In Expecting Sunshine memoir I write about the loneliness of loss. In Expecting Sunshine documentary I hope to break down those walls of isolation. The goal is that no one will feel alone after the death of a child, whether that is through miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, ectopic pregnancy or any other kind of pregnancy loss or the death of a newborn or of an older child.

This is a topic that matters. Children matter. Families matter. Mothers and fathers matter. Life matters – and this doesn’t change in the face of loss.

Here are our most recent supporters:

(in the order they were received)

Thank you to the Anonymous individual who donated $2,000!

Thank you to Rhonda and Bevan May for donating $250 in loving memory of their beloved son Mackenzie May!

Thank you to Virginia Smith for donating $85 in loving memory of Lucas Alexander Smith!

Thank you to Katelyn Owns for donating $85 in loving memory of Aveline Charlotte Owens!

Thank you to Olga Bernhardt for donating $110!


Sincerest thanks and gratitude from Alexis Marie Chute and the entire crew of Expecting Sunshine.

To contribute to Expecting Sunshine’s documentary crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, please click here.

5 Reasons to Support Expecting Sunshine Doc:

  1. The film breaks the taboo around a very common type of loss
  2. The film will help the bereaved feel less alone
  3. The film educates about how to support parents after loss
  4. The film encourages healthy grief (a part of “The Healthy Grief Movement”)
  5. The film can remember and celebrate the children that made a huge impact on the world despite their short lives

5 Reasons Expecting Sunshine Doc Supporters ROCK:

  1. They see the value of sharing meaningful stories
  2. They back what they believe in
  3. They are not apathetic to helping others
  4. They show up at the right time
  5. They make a real difference


Expecting Sunshine documentary needs your help to finish the film. If you have been affected by and feel strongly for the topic of pregnancy and infant loss, grief and healing – please join us on the journey of making a cultural difference.


The film documents an actual pregnancy of Alexis Marie Chute as she grapples with the unique challenges of the loss of a baby and the “new normal” afterward. With poignant, educational narration and interesting interviews of over twenty bereaved men, women and experts, the documentary casts fresh light on a private and isolating experience.

The documentary contains scenes across multiple seasons, and numerous locations – from Alberta, Canada, to Sedona, Arizona. It features real-life medical appointments, artistic manifestations, thought-provoking interviews with counselors, nurses and bereaved families, and a comprehensive view from conception after loss through till the actual delivery. The film successfully avoids being a bland, sterile or sentimental expose. Instead, it is a collaborative and culturally relevant work of art.


As a filmmaker, Alexis Marie brings together her unique skill set as both a visual and literary communicator. She exposes the unseen emotional and psychological challenges of grief, curating them into an artistic presentation that will live on in the minds of viewers long after.

The film will be shown at film festivals around the world, at hospitals as a training tool, broadcast on TV, and available for the public.

The crew has launched the “FINAL PUSH” crowdfunding campaign hoping to raise $5000 Canadian ($3885.50 USD).

Please help us break the taboo around loss and promote healthy grief and healing. 



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Thank you for reading!

With gratitude,

Alexis Marie Chute


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