February Book Updates

Thanks for reading this February update for Expecting Sunshine memoir! There are so many exciting things to report that I’m sure I’m going to forget something important. It’s an exciting season and the build-up for the big release date, April 18, is quickly approaching. So lets dive in…


My publicists are hard at work and doing a fabulous job. Two exciting pieces of press that came out recently are feature interviews on Alberta Primetime on CTV Two AND Dinner Television, City TV. It is always so great to share Zachary’s story and to talk about the book. Here are the videos so you can watch for yourself. (And if you like, please share. Thanks!)



If you have not already pre-ordered your copy of Expecting Sunshine, you can do so now! You can order it from all major bookstores and also from Amazon. I’ve heard that Amazon pre-orders will often arrive to the person who ordered the book even before the official publication date (April 18, 2017). So order now and you may get your copy by the end of March!

Click here to order Expecting Sunshine on Amazon.

Thank you in advance!!



As soon as you receive your book, share it on all your social networks using the hashtags and handles below:


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Here is our latest endorsement:

“Exquisitely detailed and achingly honest. A must-read.”

– Ariel Brewster, Senior Editor, Today’s Parent Magazine

Click here to read more testimonials about the book.

Thanks for reading! Soon I will be sharing the book tour schedule. There are a lot of exciting stops all across North America! Maybe even some European destinations… TBD.

As always, your support is beyond appreciated. Expecting Sunshine may seem like a sad story, but it’s actually an inspiring story about resiliency and love. I hope you will read the book and see for yourself.

Wishing you all the best,

Alexis Marie Chute



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