September 2017 Update

This is a long overdue update! The last blog post was at the end of August with photos of the successful book launch at Mosaic Books in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Since then, a lot has happened! It is a bit overwhelming trying to collect all the good news in one place without overwhelming you, the reader, and me, the writer! Here’s the awesome summary:


  • It is with immense gratitude, humbled appreciation, and huge relief that I am proud to say that we reached and exceeded our crowdfunding goal to produce Expecting Sunshine!

    • A huge THANK-YOU to all of our supporters! They have been thanked across social media platforms (twitter and facebook) and on the ES blog. They have been thanked on the homepage for Expecting Sunshine and IN THE FILM CREDITS as well!
    • There are not enough words to express how grateful my team and I are in all the love and support we have received.
    • Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Expecting Sunshine will be screened at PLATFORM FILM FESTIVAL in Brooklyn, New York, USA, on Saturday, September 30, 2017.

Here is more about PLATFORM FILM FESTIVAL:

Platform Film Festival  will screen films with substance and narrative that enrich everyone’s lives who view them on a multitude of levels providing another platform for discourse. A vibrant program rooted in cultural diversity, innovation, independence and creativity, these are our principles and goals.

Our mission is to celebrate the masters of filmmaking and discover the next generation of innovative creatives. Platform is the connective tissue that bonds the wondrous union between art and film. PFF will present an uncensored view of the World through the most important and relevant artists and filmmakers creating 2D and 3D work without fear, monetary incentives or artificial borders. PFF is a creative forum where like minds can have a sense of community being celebrated by the publlc-at-large and their contemporaries. 

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the World because of its ethnic diversity. Countless cultural movements have emerged in the ‘Big Apple’. The Harlem Renaissance, modern dance, jazz, abstract expressionism, graffiti, Hip-Hop, Punk Rock, and the Beat Generation Poets were all rooted in the fabric of the city. For the past hundred years it has been the epicenter in the Western culture, a city that celebrates individuality nurturing creators and their brilliance in music, film, theater, dance and visual art. Artists have been drawn into the city by intellectual ferment, cultural opportunity and an intelligent and challenging audience. New York City is the mecca for 21st century high/low culture , which is why we decided to launch ‘Platform’ in the Greenpoint neighborhood of BROOKLYN New York City.

Panel Discussions: (WINNER Q&A after the scheduled screenings)

Judge: Terrence Sanders


An exclusive Documentary Monthly Film Festival with a Yearly Red Carpet Interviews, Live Screening and Award Ceremony at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood.

Out of all our monthly winners, every month ONE documentary will be selected as “Best Of the Month” and will be awarded HIIDA Trophy during our yearly festival award ceremony.

Winners from Dec 2016 to Dec 2017 will be invited to attend the Mega Red Carpet HIIDA Event which will be held on March 24, 2018.

All  winning filmmakers throughout the year will come under one roof to celebrate their wins!


October is a time to…

Remember the children that have died.

Celebrate their lives and how they live on in our hearts.

Break down the taboos around this type of loss.

Give needed support to families.

Honor bereaved mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and family.

At this very special time of year, Expecting Sunshine will have a butterfly takeover to help remember, celebrate and spark conversation.

To me, butterflies symbolize transformation and hope. Life after the loss of a child is a “new normal” and can feel pretty horrible before we are able to experience deep joy and hope again. It is almost October 14, one day before International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. October 14 is special for my family and I because it was the day – seven years ago – that Zachary, my second born, entered and left this physical world. This is a heavy season for me, but also a time where I do reflect on the joy I have discovered on this journey – and the hope that I now feel.

Below are some graphics that will be shared this month – and watch out for more!

Please feel free to click on these graphics, save them, and share them! Also, share your own butterfly image as well! Use this hashtag on twitter and instagram, among other places:



I am honored to be the keynote speaker at the following events this October, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

Baby Steps Walk to Remember

The Pregnancy After Loss Journey Sessions

The Butterfly Run

Baby Steps Walk

Thank you for reading this super-sized update!

With gratitude,

Alexis Marie Chute