Happy Mother’s Day from Expecting Sunshine!

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate family. Thankfully the notion of family being “a man and a woman and their 2.5 children” is no longer the golden standard. I know a lot of people who have defined their family in their own unique ways.


I honour mothers with living children.

I honour mothers who have lost a child and have other living children.

I honour mothers with no living children, yet they are mothers none the less.

I honour daughters of mothers.

I honour daughters who are missing their mothers that have passed.

I honour all the women who care for others in a motherly way.

I honour all expecting mothers.

I honour all step-mothers. 

I honour aunties and grandmothers.

I honour the generation of women within a family. 

I honour the women that were unable to or chose not to have children but still care for their families.

I honour all the little girls who will grow up to be mothers.

I honour single mothers – who also deserve a “Happy Father’s Day.” 

I honour single fathers – who also deserve a “Happy Mother’s Day.” 

I honour all the same sex couples for whom Mother’s Day may not address. 

Family is complicated. Family can be messy. At the same time, family is amazing and inspiring. For me, family is my happy place.

Sending love and joy to you and your family, today and always!

Alexis Marie Chute

** If I failed to list a type of mother above, please let me know. I would love to grow this list.