Powerful Testimonials for Expecting Sunshine

Expecting Sunshine memoir has been receiving wonderful responses from all our early readers! I am so grateful for these individuals and their words. This book is my passion and I hope Expecting Sunshine will speak to many.

There is so much coming up on the publication landscape – from choosing a subtitle, approving a cover, and planning the launch – but for now, I am proud to share the latest testimonials for the book.

Jennifer Hamilton Canadian Family Testimonial Expecting Sunshine memoir Alexis Marie Chute

All current and future testimonials will be posted on the Expecting Sunshine website.

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New testimonials for Expecting Sunshine:

“An amazingly moving and emotional story that any woman – or any parent – can easily relate to.”
– Jennifer Hamilton, Editor, CanadianFamily.ca

“Expecting Sunshine is an exquisite book for all those who have lost a child and those who need to understand and cope with untimely grief. It is one woman’s heart-rending story of a mother’ loss which confounds ideology, faith and any of the prescribed cures for mourning. It’s pain and wisdom are as old as time, the simple truths of nature, nurture and the bonds of mother and child. It is also an uplifting lesson in­ redemption.”
– Rachel Manley, Governor General Award Winner for the memoir Drumblair: Memories of a Jamaican Childhood

“Wow!  The story of Alexis Marie Chute and her precious pregnancies was almost impossible for me to put down.  I know that this book will be so helpful for families living through subsequent pregnancies- a chance to validate their varied emotions and know that whatever they are feeling is “normal”.  Thank you for sharing your story so that others can learn from your journeys. Thank you Zachary for helping your mother tell yours and Eden’s stories.”

Lori Ives-Baine, RN, MN (CPB), Perinatal and Pediatric Grief Support Coordinator, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Expecting Sunshine is a brave book, walking the reader through the deep grief that accompanies the loss of a child and moving beyond immediate pain to recovery. Alexis Marie Chute speaks honestly of all the areas of life that are threatened by the death of a child: the relationship of the parents, and their faith, creativity, and belief in themselves and one another. At the same time, Expecting Sunshine acknowledges the myriad support systems that exist to help bereaved parents heal from this kind of trauma and emerge together, altered but vital. Part memorial, part celebration, this is a striking book.”
– Jenna Butler, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Award winner and author of Profession of Hope

“An honest and tender memoir about the complex and difficult emotions of grief and joy a mother goes through during a pregnancy that follows a death of a child. Alexis Marie conveys the delicacy of emotions that go into motherhood after loss and shares with us her courageous journey through the pregnancy that follows. Moms pregnant again after loss will find a fellow companion in her words that are much needed to be shared.”
Lindsey Henke LICSW, founder of Pregnancy After Loss Support


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Sincerest thanks and gratitude from Alexis Marie Chute and the entire crew of Expecting Sunshine.


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