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Nancy Kerrigan’s Story & Expecting Sunshine Pub Day!

This is a short but sweet post today, a very special day for Expecting Sunshine! Also, sharing a powerful article on bereaved mom, Nancy Kerrigan.



I still remember the day I signed the publishing contract with She Writes Press. From the day I signed it was roughly a year till my book was slated to be released. It felt like an eternity. And yet, here we are!

I cannot express what a journey it has been to get Expecting Sunshine out into the world. Here are some specifics for you:

  • 6 months of writing the first draft
  • 120,000 word, 400 page first draft
  • 4+ years of editing
  • 8 drafts of editing
  • 3 editors
  • 1 agent
  • 1 (Amazing) publisher, Brooke Warner at She Writes Press
  • 2+ book cover designers
  • 3 (Fabulous) publicists at Smith Publicity
  • April 18, 2017!
  • 1 tired but happy author!

Watch for my article next week!

I have so many people to thank! And I do name them all in my book in the acknowledgements section. As I’ve just got word that Time Magazine’s site, Time Motto, wants me to write an essay for them on miscarriage (YAY! BIG NEWS!!), I will thank all the wonderful people who have made such a huge difference for me by including pics of my acknowledgements from Expecting Sunshine! This is a bit of a sneak peak inside the book as well.













More Exciting News:

Article in Womanista:

What Nancy Kerrigan’s Public Heartache Is Doing for Other Women

I got interviewed for a very special article about Nancy Kerrigan’s experience of multiple miscarriages, which she shared about on Dancing With The Stars.

You can read the article by clicking here. In it I share all the things I’ve learned over my years as a bereaved mom and since becoming a parent advocate, author and public speaker.

If you want to learn more about Nancy Kerrigan’s story, here is a powerful video:

Thank you so much for reading this pub day update!

If you’d like to purchase the book directly from me – for a signed copy – please click here. Expecting Sunshine is available wherever good books are sold. 

Sending out warm wishes of love, hope and healing,

Alexis Marie Chute

Two Weeks till the Release of Expecting Sunshine

February Book Updates

Thanks for reading this February update for Expecting Sunshine memoir! There are so many exciting things to report that I’m sure I’m going to forget something important. It’s an exciting season and the build-up for the big release date, April 18, is quickly approaching. So lets dive in…


My publicists are hard at work and doing a fabulous job. Two exciting pieces of press that came out recently are feature interviews on Alberta Primetime on CTV Two AND Dinner Television, City TV. It is always so great to share Zachary’s story and to talk about the book. Here are the videos so you can watch for yourself. (And if you like, please share. Thanks!)



If you have not already pre-ordered your copy of Expecting Sunshine, you can do so now! You can order it from all major bookstores and also from Amazon. I’ve heard that Amazon pre-orders will often arrive to the person who ordered the book even before the official publication date (April 18, 2017). So order now and you may get your copy by the end of March!

Click here to order Expecting Sunshine on Amazon.

Thank you in advance!!



As soon as you receive your book, share it on all your social networks using the hashtags and handles below:


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Here is our latest endorsement:

“Exquisitely detailed and achingly honest. A must-read.”

– Ariel Brewster, Senior Editor, Today’s Parent Magazine

Click here to read more testimonials about the book.

Thanks for reading! Soon I will be sharing the book tour schedule. There are a lot of exciting stops all across North America! Maybe even some European destinations… TBD.

As always, your support is beyond appreciated. Expecting Sunshine may seem like a sad story, but it’s actually an inspiring story about resiliency and love. I hope you will read the book and see for yourself.

Wishing you all the best,

Alexis Marie Chute



Expecting Sunshine Memoir Pre-Order & Book Trailers

Exciting News: You can now pre-order Expecting Sunshine Memoir online!

Expecting Sunshine: A Journey of Grief, Healing and Pregnancy After Loss, a memoir by Alexis Marie Chute

Expecting Sunshine: A Journey of Grief, Healing and Pregnancy After Loss, a memoir by Alexis Marie Chute


The book is available on Amazon for pre-orders. Check it out now by clicking here. I’ve also heard that pre-ordered books are often shipped before the actual release date, so that’s just one more reason to order early.

I will also have a select number of books that I am selling directly from my website. You can click here to pre-order that way. Any books ordered through me will be signed by yours truly.

Once the book is officially released on April 18, 2017, it will be available for purchase through all major book stores.



As an author AND visual artist, I love every opportunity to combine these two worlds. Therefore, making book trailers for Expecting Sunshine was a no brainer. My wonderful friend Helen Massini did the voice overs for two of the trailers. Helen is such a pro and truly an up-and-coming actress and singer.

Helen Massini, behind the scenes in making Expecting Sunshine Book Trailers

Helen Massini, behind the scenes in making Expecting Sunshine Book Trailers

Author and artist, Alexis Marie Chute, with creative talent (and friend) Helen Massini.

The script.


Author and artist, Alexis Marie Chute, with creative talent (and friend) Helen Massini.


Helen and I had a blast hanging out while our daughters where at Brownies. It was amazing to see Helen bring my words to life, and with such wonderful musicality.

Now, the footage and audio is in the talented hands of Expecting Sunshine crew member, Tom Lim. Tom never fails to surprise me with his creativity. He’s an engineer by day, and a creative force by night.

It will still be a few weeks before the trailers are ready to share, but if you want to see them first, subscribe to receive this blog feed by email. Click here to subscribe. Subscribers will also stay up to date on all happenings with Expecting Sunshine, both the film and the documentary. This includes book launches, special offers, film premiers, and much more. I look forward to connecting with you!

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well I also believe it takes a group of people to create a movement. That is the goal with Expecting Sunshine. I hope this movement will lead our culture into a better understanding of death, how to talk about it, and how to accept its reality in a healthy and positive way in our lives. I also hope that this movement will move the hearts of readers and viewers.


As always, thank you so much for reading – and sharing – this blog post!


Alexis Marie Chute


She Writes Press to publish Expecting Sunshine

Big announcement: My memoir, Expecting Sunshine: A journey of grief, healing and pregnancy after loss, will be published by She Writes Press. This is exciting news! I am honoured that my book has found a home at such a supportive woman-focused press. SWP hone their creative community and choose titles that really matter.

The topic of Expecting Sunshine is incredibly important. Baby loss and pregnancy after loss have touched so many people. I am passionate about offering support, encouragement and community for these families – and their networks. Storytelling is healing and I hope Expecting Sunshine will be an inspiration to many.


She writes press logo 1

Expecting Sunshine will be published spring 2017!

Here is the synopsis for Expecting Sunshine:

After her son, Zachary, dies in her arms at birth, visual artist and author Alexis Marie Chute disappears into her “Year of Distraction.” She cannot paint or write or tap into the heart of who she used to be. She mourns not only for Zachary, but also for their future together. It is only when Alexis Marie learns she is pregnant again that she sets out to find healing and rediscover her identity – and just in time, she hopes, to welcome her next child.

Tangled in the silent stigma of her loss, Alexis Marie fails to anticipate the avalanche of struggles ahead. She grapples with her strained marriage, shaken faith and medical diagnosis with profound results – all framed within the forty weeks of gestation.  

How can a mother survive the guilt that she could not protect her child?

Can Alexis Marie reconnect with her husband and her art?

Will the pregnancy bear new life or only more heartache?

Glowing with riveting and gorgeous prose, Expecting Sunshine chronicles the anticipation and anxiety of expecting a baby while still grieving for the child that came before. Alexis Marie envelops her readers with insightful observations on grief and healing, life and death, and the incredible power of a mother’s love.


She writes press logo 2

Here is more about She Writes Press:

(From SWP About Page)

“She Writes Press was founded by Kamy Wicoff and Brooke Warner in 2012 as a response to the barriers to traditional publishing getting higher and higher for authors. Kamy’s online community, She Writes, had been founded on the principle of connecting and serving women writers everywhere, offering a community for established and aspiring writers. Brooke had been the Executive Editor at Seal Press for eight years, and was witnessing firsthand the contracting publishing environment, where she personally was having to reject beautifully written books on a regular basis because the submitting author didn’t have a strong enough author platform.

Kamy and Brooke envisioned a company where authors would be invited to publish based on the merit of their writing alone. They wanted to found a press for women writers that would be a platform—that could launch their writing careers, and where they could legitimately compete with their traditional counterparts.

In 2013, She Writes Press secured traditional distribution through Ingram Publisher Services and established itself as a real player in the hybrid publishing world. This relationship secured the right for SWP authors to submit their books for review through traditional channels, creating a more level playing field. SWP authors have been featured in O! magazine, People, and USA Today, and have been reviewed in all of the trade magazines: Publishers Weekly; Kirkus; Booklist; Library Journal; and featured on Shelf Awareness.

In 2014, She Writes Press became part of the SparkPoint Studio, LLC, family. With a new CEO, Crystal Patriarche, at the helm, She Writes Press now has a powerful combination that no other hybrid publisher brings to the table: 1) a curated list with a strong editorial vision; 2) traditional distribution; and 3) an in-house marketing and publicity team (through Patriarche’s publicity company, BookSparks) that SWP authors can choose to utilize.

As of 2015, She Writes Press has reached another milestone, having signed its 100th author. We are a mission-driven, female-run company with a strong vision, passion, and work ethic. Our roster of impressive, accomplished authors speaks for itself, and we’re proud of being an industry game-changer.”


Soon I will be sharing my cover AND starting pre-sales!

If you haven’t already, please subscribe to receive Expecting Sunshine updates. Click here to join our mailing list now.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoy the sunshine,

– Alexis Marie Chute



New Video: A Mother’s Reflections on Love and Loss

We have another progress video for Expecting Sunshine. It seems timely, today being Valentines Day.

The video is called:

A Mother’s Reflections on Love and Loss

In this video I talk about what it was like coming come after my second rainbow baby was born. Unfortunately everything was not sunshine and rainbows.

I had really bad baby blues. Postpartum depression maybe. Those conditions are challenging enough on their own, but add GUILT to the mix and you have the formula for extra heartache.

In my head I said to myself:

“I should be happy. I have a healthy baby. That’s all I wanted. So why am I so sad?”

I felt so guilty for my sadness in those first two weeks. After losing a child, I had been given a gift of a baby that lived. Fortunately I could recognize that my feelings were caused by hormones, not my child – and thankfully my body got back to normal. Despite all the tears, I appreciated the opportunity to reflect on Zachary, to feel the ache of longing for him, while also celebrating the new life, the new person in our family.

Has anyone else ever felt this swirl of emotions after having a rainbow baby?

Thank you for watching the video. Please share it with those in your networks that may need a little encouragement.


A big thank-you to crew member Tom for compiling the clip!



Edmonton Woman’s Show

Alexis Marie Chute will be exhibiting her artwork and selling Expecting Sunshine books at the Edmonton Woman’s Show April 29 & 30 at the Edmonton Expo Centre, Hall H. TICKETS | General (13+) – $15 | Student & Senior – $11 | Children(12 and under) – FREE


Book Talk at Angel Whispers

Alexis Marie Chute will be speaking to the subsequent pregnancy group at Angel Whispers in Fort Saskatchewan. She will be sharing about her book, her loss, and how she survived her own subsequent pregnancy.

Auckland Book Launch Party

Join Alexis Marie Chute as she launches her memoir in Auckland NZ! It’s book party time! Everyone is welcome at Time Out Bookstore on Mount Eden Rd – kids too! Alexis Marie will present a reading from her book, share her story, tell a few dumb jokes, and welcome questions from the peanut gallery. Please join Alexis Marie and share this invite. Let’s pack the bookstore like never before! Oh, and bring or buy a copy of Expecting Sunshine to get signed by the author.

Sands National Conference 2017

Alexis Marie Chute and her husband Aaron Chute Will be speaking at the Sands National Conference 2017 about blogging. The conference will cater to 150-200 delegates. their aim is to provide an uplifting experience for all attendees so they can feel welcome, able to reignite friendships and start new ones with other families and professionals alike. They encourage togetherness in learning and teaching from one another and above all else, being around people who can relate to our own experiences. Sands is a voluntary, non-profit organisation that supports parents and families following the loss of a baby or infant at any gestation, any age and any circumstance. Every two years since 1997, Sands has held a national conference.This is the 11th biennial conference.

The Compassionate Friends National Conference

Alexis Marie Chute will be at The 40th Annual Compassionate Friends National Conference. The Compassionate Friends provides highly personal comfort, hope, and support to every family experiencing the death of a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a grandchild, and helps others better assist the grieving family. The Compassionate Friends was founded over 40 years ago when a chaplain at the Warwickshire Hospital in England brought together two sets of grieving parents and realized that the support they gave each other was better than anything he, as a chaplain, could ever say or provide. The Compassionate Friends became also established in the United States and incorporated in 1978. The conference brings together people from around the world to share their stories and show support for the global community.

Teaching Toolbox Session

Alexis Marie Chute will be presenting a Teaching Toolbox Session toLesley University students. Lesley University empowers students to become dynamic, thoughtful leaders in education, mental health counseling, the arts, and business. The Teaching Toolbox is a presentation about publishing that Alexis Marie will do for the students. She will share her insight and knowledge of the publishing world with her personal experience.

Toronto Book Talk

Alexis Marie Chute will be presenting a book talk at the Institute of Traditional Medicine.The Institute Of Traditional Medicine is Canada’s leading institute for professional and personal development programs and services in integrative health, sustainable medicine and social change. Alexis Marie will share with students about her book and personal story of loss and healing.

Toronto Book Talk

Alexis Marie Chute will be presenting a book talk to parents at The Hospital For Sick Children (SickKids). The Hospital For Sick Children serves families who have terminally ill children and those who will recover. Parents of children past and present who have been involved with the Hospital For Sick Children are encouraged to join us for the presentation. If you want to know how to become involved in this book talk please contact the hospital. Alexis Marie will discuss her book and share her personal story of loss and healing for all parents in attendance.

New York City Book Talk

Alexis Marie Chute will be presenting a book talk to the Pregnancy Loss Support Program at the National Council of Jewish Women New York. They offer support groups for bereaved parents who have lost their child before or after birth. The groups they offer are for mothers and encourage fathers as well. They also offer professional references for parents suffering through the loss of a child. Alexis Marie will discuss her book and share her personal story of loss and healing.

New York City Book Talk

Alexis Marie Chute will be presenting a book talk to The Baby Resource Center NY. The Baby Resource Center hosts support groups for parents who are grieving the loss of their child due to many factors. it is a place to share stories, pictures, and find support in your loss. They also encourage community outreach and advocate for better resources for bereaved families. Alexis Marie will discuss her book and share her personal story of loss and healing.