Expecting Sunshine Film & Book Thank You’s!

Right off the bat, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the recent supporters of Expecting Sunshine Documentary film! Making a film is hard work – and so is the crowdfunding. Thankfully, there are amazing people out there that make things happen. It is because of them, and all the children they represent, that Expecting Sunshine has come alive in the world!

THANK YOU to our most recent supporters:

(in the order they were received)

Thank you Robert Duke for donating $500!

Thank you Rhonda and Bevan May for donating $1,000!

Thank you Patti Walker for donating $85!

Thank you Pregnancy After Loss Support for donating $85!


Thank you Stephanie Haight, in loving memory of Cullen Gray Pryor, for donating $20!

Thank you Sandy Rysavy, in loving memory of Baby Rysavy, for donating $85!

Thank you Jennifer Rose Long for donating $25!

Thank you Kelly Kittel for donating $25!

Thank you Naomi Maharaj for donating $100!

Thank you Anonymous for donating $100!


This is a painting that the Chute family painted together for the film.

BOOK TOUR: Multicultural Heritage Centre

I had a wonderful night at the Multicultural Heritage Centre’s “Wine and Words” book club this past week! Sitting around with a group of people who love to read is amazing. I felt like I was with kindred spirits. I have to say, I feel inspired to join a book club myself!

One great thing about Expecting Sunshine is that it gets people talking. The book club meeting was a wonderful experience hearing about the things that matter to people and how they approach life, grief, and personal self-discovery. I am grateful for all the stories shared – and the wine poured!


I am incredibly grateful for all the support Expecting Sunshine is receiving across the board – from the documentary fundraiser to the book tour to reviews and meaningful conversations. Thank you everyone! There are not enough words. Sending love!

Thank you for reading!

With gratitude,

Alexis Marie Chute

Why Expecting Sunshine Supporters Rock!

Film Crowdfunding FINAL PUSH

Two Weeks till the Release of Expecting Sunshine

Expecting Sunshine Update: Fundraising Gratitude

Our crowdfunding on Indiegogo concluded Monday, December 14 at midnight. We are roughly 80% to our goal of $25,000 – which is a great accomplishment in one month!

Sincerest thanks and gratitude from Alexis Marie Chute and the entire crew of Expecting Sunshine!



director cut board

We are continuing our fundraising efforts on our own site, Expecting Sunshine, as we still need to reach our goal to make this film a success. To visit our fundraising page, please click here.


We want to celebrate all the children we are honoring with “In Memory” and
“Rainbow Baby” Credits on the website and in the film. We are so grateful to help remember these important lives, both the babies that have died and those that came after.

Family is the most important thing in the world.  

Our children are our life and our legacy.


angle baby


Zachary Chute

Loren Huot

Brooklynn Huot

Ernie Walker

Perry Walker

Emree Jane Forget

Jax and Baby Selinger

Eli Jackson Brooks

“In memory of all the precious babies and families I have supported in loss and through their rainbows.” – Lori Ives-Baine

Captain Kick Ass

rainbow baby


Eden Chute

Alexis Huot

Jaedyn Huot

Sydney Huot

If you would like to add your Angle or Rainbow Baby, please check-out our contribution levels on our contribution page on Expecting Sunshine.