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It has been a while since my last Expecting Sunshine Documentary update. The reason for this is may be obvious. As the filming progressed, mirroring my pregnancy, I got bigger and rounder. Then, on January 6th I texted the crew, “It’s time.” My second rainbow baby was born at 12:05AM on January 7th.

Alexis Marie Chute Expecting Sunshine Documentary Delivery blog

The room was full of people: two videographers, my parents who were coordinating the signing of video release forms for the nurses and doctors, my husband, a delivery nurse and my doc.

It was a very special time. We brought a photograph of Zachary and reflected on our first son moments before we brought our third into the world.

As the time neared, I listened closely. I listened for one thing in particular. The day Zachary was born – and died – everything was quiet. He never made a sound. This time, I listened and heard the most beautiful sound in the entire world. My child’s first cry. He was alive. And I was relieved.

Having a baby after losing a baby is hard. It is an emotional process of waiting, nail biting, dreaming and worrying.

Here is an update video with some of the new footage we have gathered over the last five months of filming Expecting Sunshine. It is set to some highlights from my speech at the Baby Walk in October 2015.

A big Thank-You to crew member Tom Lim for putting this update video together.

Please feel free to share the video. Spreading the word will help bring more understanding and compassion for a very challenging time: losing a child and then the bravery needed to try again.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your support.


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Welcome to Expecting Sunshine!

Welcome to Expecting Sunshine – the memoir and documentary film!

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Expecting Sunshine Alexis Marie Chute baby loss

This blog is a great place to connect and stay up-to-date with what’s going on. Here, my crew and I (Alexis Marie Chute) will share behind the scenes footage and photos from our filmmaking. I will post updates on the publication of my memoir. And last but not least, you can follow along as we chart our crowdfunding campaign.

Let’s start the introductions! Here is some info about the memoir and documentary film:


Expecting Sunshine Alexis Marie Chute memoir and film

Expecting Sunshine Memoir

Expecting Sunshine tells the story of a mother, Alexis Marie Chute, who set out to rediscover her identity – not only as a parent but as a woman and artist – after her son Zachary died in her arms at birth. The memoir’s clever structure mirrors the gestation of Alexis Marie’s subsequent pregnancy; the book beginning with conception followed by three sections, the three trimesters.

Through powerful flashbacks, readers learn of Alexis Marie’s pregnancy with Zachary and his few moments in the world, witnessing how grief touches every aspect of family life, though in different ways.

Expecting Sunshine chronicles the struggles and stresses of Alexis Marie’s next pregnancy. She is on a mission to find healing just in time to welcome her next child, yet even imagining giving birth to a baby that lives proves a major roadblock. Along the way, Alexis Marie grapples with her strained marriage, a silent faith, and medical decisions with huge ramifications.

Exploring this universal yet taboo type of loss, Chute’s memoir meets the need for personal narrative that addresses the most intimate vulnerabilities of grief and the agony and guilt any mother feels when she cannot fulfill her one most crucial role: to protect her child. Readers will cheer-on Alexis Marie in her clumsy yet noble search for healing, which will be a balm and encouragement for anyone struggling with loss.

Expecting Sunshine is represented by Mint Literary Agency and is seeking publication. Publishers should contact Morty Mint: phone 1-250-352-7844, email


Expecting Sunshine Alexis Marie Chute documentary film

Expecting Sunshine Documentary

The documentary film, Expecting Sunshine, brings together the poetic prose and visual incarnations of the book, as experienced through the innovative, sometimes surreal, sensibilities of its creator.

The film documents an actual pregnancy of Alexis Marie Chute, as she grapples with the unique challenges of having a child after the death of child. With poignant narration from the memoir, along with new revelations and interesting interviews, the documentary casts fresh light on a private and isolating experience.

The documentary contains scenes across multiple seasons, and numerous locations – from Alberta, Canada, to Sedona, Arizona. It features real-life medical appointments, artistic manifestations, thought-provoking interviews with experts and bereaved families, and a comprehensive view from conception till the actual delivery. The film successfully avoids being a bland, sterile or sentimental expose. Instead, it is a collaborative and culturally relevant work of art.

As a filmmaker, Alexis Marie brings together her unique skillset as both a visual and literary communicator. She exposes unseen emotional and psychological challenges, curating them into an artistic presentation that will live on in the minds of viewers long after.

To be a part of this important film, please contribute to our INDIEGOGO CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN – NOW LIVE. Also, subscribe to our mailing list for updates on the film.

For broadcasting and screening inquiries, or if you are a network wishing to show the film, please contact Alexis Marie Chute directly: phone 780-499-4311, email