Pregnancy After Loss partnership with Expecting Sunshine

I am thrilled to announce a very special partnership between Expecting Sunshine – memoir and documentary – and PALS, which stands for Pregnancy After Loss Support. Expecting Sunshine is now included in the PALS Friends section, and PALS in our Sponsors area.



This is a very important partnership as we share the same goal: to support and nurture women and families that are pregnant after loss.

I know from experience, having a baby after losing a baby is not an easy road to walk. Having just had my second rainbow child, I can say that the feelings are real, sometimes overwhelming, terrifying, exciting and confusing all at once. Pregnancy after loss is a roller coaster, but one that can be full of joy, love and positive anticipation with the right support and focus.

Here is some valuable information, compiled by PALS, regarding pregnancy after loss:


PALS_10_Facts 10 facts about pregnancy after loss


Monthly Column:

I am proud to share that I will be a monthly columnist for PALS, with my first article for them coming out on March 16. From then on, you will be able to read my column the third Wednesday of every month. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey and all the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Community is so important to me so please read, share and comment. I would love to hear from you!


Soon PALS will be blogging about Expecting Sunshine, both the documentary and memoir. Once it’s live, I will post here to link to it.


I am honoured to share with you more about our new partners:


About PALS:

“Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) is a community support resource for women experiencing the confusing and conflicting emotions of grief mixed with joy during the journey through pregnancy after loss. We seek to help expectant mothers celebrate their current pregnancy by choosing hope over fear while still nurturing and honoring the grief over the loss of their deceased child.”

PALS Mission:

“Pregnancy After Loss Support’s vision is that every mom and her partner who is experiencing pregnancy after loss is able to find support and connection among both peers and health care professionals who understand and validate the unique and complex experience of pregnancy after a previous perinatal or child death.”

I am proud to be working towards the same goals as our new partners. Many great things are in store!


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Expecting Sunshine Update Video

It has been a while since my last Expecting Sunshine Documentary update. The reason for this is may be obvious. As the filming progressed, mirroring my pregnancy, I got bigger and rounder. Then, on January 6th I texted the crew, “It’s time.” My second rainbow baby was born at 12:05AM on January 7th.

Alexis Marie Chute Expecting Sunshine Documentary Delivery blog

The room was full of people: two videographers, my parents who were coordinating the signing of video release forms for the nurses and doctors, my husband, a delivery nurse and my doc.

It was a very special time. We brought a photograph of Zachary and reflected on our first son moments before we brought our third into the world.

As the time neared, I listened closely. I listened for one thing in particular. The day Zachary was born – and died – everything was quiet. He never made a sound. This time, I listened and heard the most beautiful sound in the entire world. My child’s first cry. He was alive. And I was relieved.

Having a baby after losing a baby is hard. It is an emotional process of waiting, nail biting, dreaming and worrying.

Here is an update video with some of the new footage we have gathered over the last five months of filming Expecting Sunshine. It is set to some highlights from my speech at the Baby Walk in October 2015.

A big Thank-You to crew member Tom Lim for putting this update video together.

Please feel free to share the video. Spreading the word will help bring more understanding and compassion for a very challenging time: losing a child and then the bravery needed to try again.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your support.


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27 Hours left to crowdfund for Expecting Sunshine! Will we make it?

This is an exciting time and one in which I have my priorities straight. I want to take this opportunity to thank our latest contributors! Expecting Sunshine Documentary will be a success because of our 55 backers and others on the way. This is a time of much gratitude!



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27 hours till our crowdfunding deadline!

We are in our Indiegogo crowdfunding homestretch with only 27 hours to go!



I’m excited!

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Sincerest thanks and gratitude from Alexis Marie Chute and the entire crew of Expecting Sunshine.

Sincerest thanks and gratitude from Alexis Marie Chute and the entire crew of Expecting Sunshine.