Last Chance to Include your Baby’s Name in the Film

Expecting Sunshine documentary still needs contributions to bring the film to life. We are still $4,860 short of our fundraising goal. This is where we need your help.

As the film is nearing completion in the editing stage, there are a few very special opportunities to get involved and support the project.

We have four contribution levels that will be closing soon. By November 30, 2016. These contribution levels all include personal or business names in the film credits. These credits will always be a part of the documentary, which will be shown all over the world.

This is your opportunity as a parent to remember your baby that died. Or to celebrate your child born after your loss. Your son or daughter’s name, or nickname, will be publicly acknowledged and celebrated. At the end of the day, this is what brings me the most joy with this film.

This is also an opportunity for businesses and professionals to join with the film in supporting those who grieve. Expecting Sunshine Documentary strives to bring attention to taboo topics, to remove the stigma around these types of losses and celebrate children! Children with us, and those that live on in our hearts.



Click here to read about the fundraising effort and see where the money will be spent.

Click here to donate.


The cover image for Expecting Sunshine Documentary Film.

The cover image for Expecting Sunshine Documentary Film.




“In Memory / Supporter / Rainbow Baby” Credit in THE FILM $250

A unique commemoration! We join with you in honouring your deceased child, your rainbow baby, or you as a supporter, by listing a name in the “In Memory / Supporter / Rainbow Baby” in the film credit reel. We dedicate this project to these individuals.

Please email Alexis Marie at with the name you want commemorated.

Feature Film Credit $1,000

Not only a name, but with this film credit you also receive a photo of your deceased child or your rainbow baby, or business logo or honorary symbol of support, in the credit reel of the film.

Associate Producer Status $5,000

To celebrate your generosity for the project, we will name you an Associate Producer in the credits with a photo, logo or symbol to mark your support.


Executive Producer Status $10,000

To choose this perk means you’re our hero! You will be named an Executive Producer in the credits with a photo, logo or symbol to mark your support. You will also receive two VIP invitations to the premier of the film and unlimited good vibes sent your way.

Travel not included.


Thank you so much for reading and supporting this project. Even simply sharing this blog post will do a world of good.




Alexis Marie Chute



Expecting Sunshine Fall Update

Thank you to everyone reading this update! There are a lot of awesome things happening with Expecting Sunshine documentary and memoir. I’m excited to share them with you, particularly this month, which is Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Awareness Month.



Expecting Sunshine Memoir

  • The book cover has been finalized! I love the bright colors. The rainbow umbrella is also very important to me. It references the rainbow pregnancy and rainbow baby. If you don’t know these terms, they mean the pregnancy and the baby born after loss.
  • The official release date for the book is April 18, 2017 and it will be available at all places where books are sold.
  • While April is still a few months away, you can pre-order your copy now with two handy ways to do so:
  • I am accepting pre-orders for the book on my online store. You can visit the store by clicking here. Books ordered from the store will be signed and mailed out by yours truly : )
  • You can also pre-order on Amazon. Check out Expecting Sunshine on Amazon by clicking here.
  • Expecting Sunshine continues to receive wonderful testimonials from early readers. You can see many of these online by clicking here.


Expecting Sunshine Documentary

  • Along with the book cover, the film cover has also been finalized. I love how the silhouette of the woman fades into watercolor marks at the bottom. This could be any woman, which is the point, that loss happens to so many women and families.
  • The film is being edited right now and will be released around the time of the book, in the spring of 2017.
  • Like the book, the film is also available for pre-order. You can place your pre-order now on my online store by clicking here. When the film is released in the spring, it will be a file which you can digitally download.
  • We also have the pre-order available for the educational version, which comes with an audio visual public performance license agreement so that the film can be shown to support groups or at other events. Click here to order the educational version of the film. 


We are continuing to fundraise for Expecting Sunshine Documentary!

I want to acknowledge our recent donor to the film:
Jamie Albrecht-Gilchriest

Jamie and I met at the International Perinatal Bereavement Conference in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this fall. I really appreciate her vision and passion for the bereavement work that she does. Along with donating to the film, she also pre-ordered a copy to show to her grief support programs, along with copies of the book. Thank you so much Jamie!

Taken from the Expecting Sunshine Twitter feed. Click here to follow Expecting Sunshine on Twitter.

Taken from the Expecting Sunshine Twitter feed. Jamie is on the right, me (Alexis Marie) on the left. Click here to follow Expecting Sunshine on Twitter.


If you would like to donate to Expecting Sunshine documentary, that would be WONDERFUL! Thank you in advance. We are so close to our fundraising goal, but still need all the support we can get.

Read more about donating to the film and where the money goes.

Click here to donate. Thank you so much!


I think that is all for now! More updates will come as Expecting Sunshine finds its home out in the world. Thank you for reading and for supporting and cheering on this important project on this even more important topic!

With much gratitude,

Alexis Marie Chute


Expecting Sunshine: June Film Update


This time last year, I was still in the mental planning stage Expecting Sunshine Documentary. Now, in June 2016, we have captured all the interviews, creative scenes and recreations. I have talked to so many people who have lost children and gone on to have others.

Experts and parent advocates have shared their stories. We cover topics from the desire to parent again after loss, struggles in marriage, to welcoming the new baby. Healing looks different from person to person. The stories are sobering, heart-wrenching, but also encouraging and inspiring!

My film crew and I are now in a season of post-production and editing. This is where everything is being cropped, finessed and ordered. It is a huge process!

While I wish we were through the editing, we are allowing this stage to be a focused and intense time. Our topic is too precious to rush it. We hope to wrap up in a month or so. Then we will move into another transition. Distribution! We have already received confirmation from Shaw TV in Edmonton that they will screen the film. We are also submitting to film festivals and hope to locate a big network to show Expecting Sunshine. I have my fingers crossed for somewhere like W Network, the Women’s Network. This film deserves a great network with a wide reach. Cross your fingers on that.

I will continue to post here on this blog, keeping everyone updated on our progress. For now, here are some Expecting Sunshine film stills captured over the last six months.

Alexis Marie Chute creative scene in Sedona, Arizona.

Alexis Marie Chute creative scene in Sedona, Arizona.

Creative scene in Sedona, Arizona.

Creative scene in Sedona, Arizona.

Reflections of loss.

Reflections of loss.

Interviewing Dr. Alan Wolfelt.

Interviewing Dr. Alan Wolfelt.

Interview with labor and delivery nurse.

Interview with labor and delivery nurse.

Welcoming rainbow baby Luca.

Welcoming rainbow baby Luca.

Interview with Alexis Marie Chute about the early days after delivery.

Interview with Alexis Marie Chute about the early days after delivery.

Creative scene creation.

Creative scene creation.


Here is more information about Expecting Sunshine Documentary:

The documentary film, Expecting Sunshine, brings together the poetic prose and visual incarnations of the memoir, as experienced through the innovative, sometimes surreal, sensibilities of its creator.

The film documents an actual pregnancy of Alexis Marie Chute, as she grapples with the unique challenges of having a child after the death of child. With poignant narration from the memoir, along with new revelations and interesting interviews, the documentary casts fresh light on a private and isolating experience.

The documentary contains scenes across multiple seasons, and numerous locations – from Alberta, Canada, to Sedona, Arizona. It features real-life medical appointments, artistic manifestations, thought-provoking interviews with experts and bereaved families, and a comprehensive view from conception till the actual delivery. The film successfully avoids being a bland, sterile or sentimental expose. Instead, it is a collaborative and culturally relevant work of art.

As a filmmaker, Alexis Marie brings together her unique skillset as both a visual and literary communicator. She exposes unseen emotional and psychological challenges, curating them into an artistic presentation that will live on in the minds of viewers long after.

To be a part of this important film, please contribute to our CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN . Also, subscribe to our mailing list for updates on the film.

For broadcasting and screening inquiries, or if you are a network wishing to show the film, please contact Alexis Marie Chute directly: phone 780-499-4311, email

Expecting Sunshine Update: Now to Edit!

I have loved every second of filming Expecting Sunshine. It has been a wonderful learning experience, an excellent team collaboration, and a great opportunity to connect with bereaved families. Thank you to everyone who made it such a success!

Filming a creative scene with a globe. You can see the fab camera operator, Tom Lim, and Alexis Marie Chute - plus baby Luca on the bottom right!

Filming a creative scene with a globe. You can see the fab camera operator, Tom Lim, and Alexis Marie Chute – plus baby Luca on the bottom right!

We had our last filming date on April 30th. We captured recreations, creative b-roll, and family life after pregnancy loss. 

Choosing the wardrobe for the film has been fun. Only two out of four of these outfits actually made the cut. Thankfully Walmart saved the day at 8am on film-day.

Choosing the wardrobe for the film has been fun. Only two out of four of these outfits actually made the cut. Thankfully Walmart saved the day at 8am on film-day.

Now, my crew and I enter the next exciting stage of the film: post production! This is where we combine all the video and still footage we have captured over the last eight months. We will combine all the visuals with the moving scores we have recorded with live musicians. Here is where we bring the vision to life.

Distribution Updates:

  • We plan to have the film ready for a number of the major film festival deadlines. These are coming up before summer.
  • We have confirmation from Shaw TV in Edmonton that they will be airing the film. This will take place AFTER we, fingers crossed, premier the film at one or more film festivals.
  • We are still searching for a major network to show the documentary. This search will continue in earnest once editing is complete.

Thank you so much for reading! And for supporting this film. Expecting Sunshine will make a huge difference for many, many people.


Alexis Marie Chute



To learn more about Expecting Sunshine book and film, please click here.

Get to know the film’s director and producer, Alexis Marie Chute.

Read testimonials for the documentary and memoir.

Check-out the awesome film crew for the documentary.

Read more posts on the Expecting Sunshine blog.

Visit Expecting Sunshine’s sister blog, Wanted Chosen Planned.

Learn how you can donate to support the film by clicking here.

Contribute to Expecting Sunshine documentary.


New Video: A Mother’s Reflections on Love and Loss

We have another progress video for Expecting Sunshine. It seems timely, today being Valentines Day.

The video is called:

A Mother’s Reflections on Love and Loss

In this video I talk about what it was like coming come after my second rainbow baby was born. Unfortunately everything was not sunshine and rainbows.

I had really bad baby blues. Postpartum depression maybe. Those conditions are challenging enough on their own, but add GUILT to the mix and you have the formula for extra heartache.

In my head I said to myself:

“I should be happy. I have a healthy baby. That’s all I wanted. So why am I so sad?”

I felt so guilty for my sadness in those first two weeks. After losing a child, I had been given a gift of a baby that lived. Fortunately I could recognize that my feelings were caused by hormones, not my child – and thankfully my body got back to normal. Despite all the tears, I appreciated the opportunity to reflect on Zachary, to feel the ache of longing for him, while also celebrating the new life, the new person in our family.

Has anyone else ever felt this swirl of emotions after having a rainbow baby?

Thank you for watching the video. Please share it with those in your networks that may need a little encouragement.


A big thank-you to crew member Tom for compiling the clip!


Pregnancy After Loss partnership with Expecting Sunshine

I am thrilled to announce a very special partnership between Expecting Sunshine – memoir and documentary – and PALS, which stands for Pregnancy After Loss Support. Expecting Sunshine is now included in the PALS Friends section, and PALS in our Sponsors area.



This is a very important partnership as we share the same goal: to support and nurture women and families that are pregnant after loss.

I know from experience, having a baby after losing a baby is not an easy road to walk. Having just had my second rainbow child, I can say that the feelings are real, sometimes overwhelming, terrifying, exciting and confusing all at once. Pregnancy after loss is a roller coaster, but one that can be full of joy, love and positive anticipation with the right support and focus.

Here is some valuable information, compiled by PALS, regarding pregnancy after loss:


PALS_10_Facts 10 facts about pregnancy after loss


Monthly Column:

I am proud to share that I will be a monthly columnist for PALS, with my first article for them coming out on March 16. From then on, you will be able to read my column the third Wednesday of every month. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey and all the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Community is so important to me so please read, share and comment. I would love to hear from you!


Soon PALS will be blogging about Expecting Sunshine, both the documentary and memoir. Once it’s live, I will post here to link to it.


I am honoured to share with you more about our new partners:


About PALS:

“Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) is a community support resource for women experiencing the confusing and conflicting emotions of grief mixed with joy during the journey through pregnancy after loss. We seek to help expectant mothers celebrate their current pregnancy by choosing hope over fear while still nurturing and honoring the grief over the loss of their deceased child.”

PALS Mission:

“Pregnancy After Loss Support’s vision is that every mom and her partner who is experiencing pregnancy after loss is able to find support and connection among both peers and health care professionals who understand and validate the unique and complex experience of pregnancy after a previous perinatal or child death.”

I am proud to be working towards the same goals as our new partners. Many great things are in store!


Stay tuned for future update by subscribing to this blog by clicking here.

If you are reading this and would like to be a friend of Expecting Sunshine through partnership or sponsorship, please email Alexis Marie Chute:


27 Hours left to crowdfund for Expecting Sunshine! Will we make it?

This is an exciting time and one in which I have my priorities straight. I want to take this opportunity to thank our latest contributors! Expecting Sunshine Documentary will be a success because of our 55 backers and others on the way. This is a time of much gratitude!



Gail Young

Brenda Mann

Emily J Cohen

Jennifer Ritter

Audree Lepage Fortin

Bill & Charlotte Thompson

And our Anonymous contributors as well!


Captain Kick Ass


27 hours till our crowdfunding deadline!

We are in our Indiegogo crowdfunding homestretch with only 27 hours to go!



I’m excited!

Will we make our goal? Can you help us out with that?

Expecting Sunshine Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign ends Monday night at midnight!

(That’s tomorrow! Or today depending on when you read this.)

We are 74% funded!

Just $6,420 to go!



  • Visit our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign by clicking here:
  • On our campaign page you can read the story, watch the trailer and see how much has been donated.
  • There are two ways to contribute:  
  • (1) Along the right side of the screen there is a list of “Perks,” which are ways we thank you for supporting the film. You can click on the perk you want, it will open up with more info, and you will be given payment options (credit card or paypal).
  • (2) The other way, again on the right side of the screen but this time at the very top, you will see a white box that says “Your contribution” with a pink button below it that says “Contribute now.” There you can enter any amount (with this option you will not receive a “perk”). A new window will open and you can choose your payment method.

We are so close.

Please help us finish strong.

Thank you!

Sincerest thanks and gratitude from Alexis Marie Chute and the entire crew of Expecting Sunshine.

Sincerest thanks and gratitude from Alexis Marie Chute and the entire crew of Expecting Sunshine.

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