Why Expecting Sunshine Supporters Rock!

Crowdfunding is a magical process where people come together to make something beautiful. There are so many people I am thankful for along this journey of both publishing Expecting Sunshine memoir and also producing Expecting Sunshine documentary.

This is a topic that matters. Children matter. Families matter. Mothers and fathers matter.

5 Reasons Expecting Sunshine Doc Supporters ROCK:

  1. They see the value of sharing meaningful stories
  2. They back what they believe in
  3. They are not apathetic to helping others
  4. They show up at the right time
  5. They make a real difference

Fundraising can be challenging. I am incredibly grateful to all the people who have given to help us finish this film. I would like to acknowledge these people publicly, showing my huge appreciation.

Here are our most recent supporters:

(in the order they were received)

Thank you Lauren Dary for donating $10!

Thank you Steve Ricketts for donating $100!

Thank you John Drumgoole Jr. for donating $50!

Thank you Anna Gatmon for donating $25!

To contribute to Expecting Sunshine’s documentary crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, please click here.

5 Reasons to Support Expecting Sunshine Doc:

  1. The film breaks the taboo around a very common type of loss
  2. It will help the bereaved feel less alone
  3. It educates about how to support parents after loss
  4. It encourages healthy grief (a part of “The Healthy Grief Movement”)
  5. We can remember and celebrate the children that made a huge impact on the world despite their short lives

Thank you for reading!

With gratitude,

Alexis Marie Chute